Cee Yang

Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.

I have a dream

  I have a dream.It’s marry you.   So much words wants to talk you.   I miss you so much already and I haven’t even know you yet!

Leave me

  Stay with me or bring me away.


Finally I make up my mind You are the one I want to find How I wish I could stay by your side I promise wherever I will follow you Life is not easy as you told Hrer I am always trying to convince m...


Sometimes I want to write someting,but when I make my tool ready,I had forgot what I want to say. People always are. You are the reason why I become stronger,but still you are my weakness. Finall...




App Hotfix(热修复)详解 定义:   从广义的角度理解,大家都比较认同 Hotfix 是在移动端不需要重新发版,通过在线更新对版本 Bug 的修复。 现在比较流行的热修复技术分为三种: 一、使用JSPatch进行热修复:   Objective-C 是动态语言,OC上所有方法的调用/类的生成都通过 Objective-C Runtime 在运行时进行,我们可以通过类...


iOS 为图片添加圆角和描边的几种方式

前言 对于习惯使用Storyboard的人来说,设置圆角、描边是一件比较蛋疼的事,因为苹果没有在xcode的Interface Builder上直接提供修改控件的圆角,边框设置。 我们来说说如何对某个控件进行圆角、描边处理: 初级 对于一个初学者来说,如果要进行某个控件的圆角、描边设置,就要从Storyboard关联出属性,然后再对属性进行代码处理。 如下代码: self.myBut...